Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to install Java for Android

I will share you the service to run java applications on android and other settings and how to use its.

1. Install Java for Android

Download this file:
This is the full installer. It is simple to install by clicking Install Java For Android.bat file.
If after clicking, wait a while for it runs. Restart your device and installation process is complete.2. Install and run Java applications
Copy jar or jad files on memory card or a specific folder.
Turn up the program:
a2c64e4820dc055dfc0137cb6c707ff7 Install Java for Android Press the Menu Select SDCard
8d1da5b2ca024993eae730dbcc776d55 Install Java for Android
It will scan automatically the JAD and JAR files in your memory card.
541978c23671e1c8359dd7b41d284510 Install Java for Android
Just select the file to be installed and where to install is /sdcard:
c65a9257af976a5e1ab316591f94d993 Install Java for Android
1a9b555fff91255c82981e94c1203cab Install Java for Android
24019e9fbd40df47308200f97ebfe196 Install Java for Android
17d50823fc8ce004deaab7358aeafd69 Install Java for Android
a7ae8f1c91feb320ae2892946c52dbb8 Install Java for Android
After installation is complete, click on the folder you have installed (default is / sdcard) you will have a list of installed applications as follows
01c819a24369b2da01f28133c38915a1 Install Java for Android
Finally, select the application and run.
3. A few illustrations
Software mmap:
fbf9ce7866becd5b4934cb0e4d9ad914 Install Java for Android
b05ec9a85f90881fa14671eb6a44e68d Install Java for Android
Hot product: Opera Mini beta 5:
2483e48dc9d7c6ac85e880d6126be267 Install Java for Android

c25c8d71c07d9b0ebe8631e425ba3380 Install Java for Android
This is a virtual keyboard for sensors OperaMini.

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Leslie Mae de Leon said... do i install the .bat file on my tablet? it doesn't seem to run. is this compatible with p6200

d said...

I think its bullshit , never would work

Guzzi sager said...

Nice and quite informative post. I really look forward to your other posts.

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